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It all began in January of '91 when Marcos started shopping his demo to various record labels. By April, two major labels, BMG & SONY offered him a recording contract. He eventually ended up signing with one of the two. In the summer of the same year he toured Greece and Cyprus with Manto, an acclaimed Greek pop singer who also represented Greece in the 2003 Eurovision Song Competition, doing backup vocals and performing as one of the opening acts. This was his first "professional" contact with a live audience. 

Ever since touring with Manto, Marcos has worked with the biggest names in the Greek Recording Industry such as: G. Parios, T. Boskopoulos, G. Ploutarhos, S. Vossou, E. Peta, K. Garbi, G. Alkaios, L. Diamandi, Xristiana, Zig Zag, S. Rouvas, S. Rokkos, G. Mazonakis, A. Samiou and many more.                       

In June of '95 his debut album "Dos Mou Fos Mou" was released. The music was written by Marcos, the Greek lyrics by G. Mitsigas & M. Takka, and the English lyrics by Marcos. By August "Erota Aliti Mou", the first single off of this album, had reached well into the charts. It had peaked at #1 on the Modern/Pop charts and remained there for 4 consecutive weeks. Later that same year "Sose Me" had become another song gaining great airplay, which reached #5. Moira Magissa was chosen as the Power Play song for one week at a top FM radio station in Thessaloniki.             

In 1996, following his debut release, Marcos was nominated as best new comer at the Annual Greek Music Awards. His second album, "E Agapi Bori", was released in June of 1997 following the release of the CD single "Skorpisa". Five songs on this album were written by Marcos and the other five by Tony Kontaksakis. All Greek lyrics were written by Antony Pappas. Following the release of the CD single, a second song "Den Epapsa Pote Na S'Agapo" was released. Both gained great airplay. "Skorpisa" reached #3 on the charts. "Den Epapsa Pote Na S'Agapo" also entered the charts touching the top 20's.  

Following his career as a performer, Marcos is now exclusively involved in songwriting and production. He has produced and published over 23 songs in Europe. He recently moved to the United States and is living in Florida where he also owns & runs a pre-production studio (Studio Elixir)

Marcos, as of December 2011, has begun writing and producing with one of the greatest Greek guitar players, Christos Pikridas.There is even word going around of a possible band formation! Christos' roster includes Brittani Washington (Beyonce), Hatzigiannis, Antonis Remos and Theodoridou to name a few. Stay tuned.....

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